Friday, May 2, 2014

Update 3 months in

Winter has finally released it's wintery grip. Allowing for much more freedom for exercise than a treadmill. I am proud to say I am down 14 lbs. Mostly by eating less and moving more. Not totally legit exercise but hey it is a start right. I am very proud to say my wife is on board and has started to do the couch to 5k program with hopes of running a 5k in two months. I words do not describe how proud I am of her commitment and willingness to hang in and just do it. I will endeavor to be better about my blog posts but until next time lets just celebrate being under 300 lbs for the first time in over a year. Yay me!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Its an new dawn, its a new day, its a new year!

Wow, I have been remiss in working on this blog. My fitness this year also has been the title of this blog...... a GIANT Folly! My body shows it! I have gained a pile more weight and was not surprised that even the battery on my scale gave up on me when I attempted to weigh my self this morning. So seeing as it is a new year tomorrow I think it is a perfect time to take a look back and see what got me to this point, The good the bad and the ugly.

Well to start out the new year 2013 I got a pulled Hamstring that hampered my workouts. I was feeling good but the doctor said lay off until healed. Well 3 months of inactivity and poor diet took their toll. Now I take responsibility for my own poor habits, The diet was my own fault and the doctor saying rest it gave me the excuse I needed to slip into old habits. Overall not too bad but poor none the less.

About the time I was healed up and ready to go back to working out I got the shock of my life. My job of 3 years was restructuring and my boss had taken another job. This left me unable to reup my membership with the gym I went to and I lost my biggest help, Katey Fortun. Katey was a co-worker and friend who kept me in check. I fought her but she made sure I drank water, ate better and followed up on my workouts. I appreciated everything she did and I credit her with alot of my good habits during my employment with empire. After a period of short hours and a brief period of unemployment I landed a good job with good people.

It is an office job and I have my own office, it is a good gig and I consider myself fortunate to have the position when so many people don't have a job. The biggest downfall to my new job is  I spend alot on gas and I have been eating poorly the whole time I am there. I have a snack drawer full of pretzels and drink more Diet Mt. Dew than anyone should. Cause hey it is diet right????

I put off my Dr. appointment for yearly physical and finally couldn't any more. She finally had me cornered where I had pushed back about losing weight for a year or more. No weight lost and some gained, had finally pushed the Blood Pressure over the mark. She placed me on blood pressure meds, with the promise to revisit if  I lost the weight. She said she doesn't want me on them any more than I want to be on them. So I decided to do something............... well then my excuse was but I have a wedding at an all inclusive resort in the Dominican in a couple weeks what could it hurt to wait right?

So I did.........

I have now returned and have seen the pictures....... I had no idea I had ballooned up as big as was shown in the pictures. I want to show pictures of the trip but fortunately I took them so I don't show up in most of them. Hey vanity can be a great motivator too!

I am resolved to start a fresh program New years day! I have to lose this weight and get healthy, or die trying! If  I don't I WILL die not trying. I know it is a cliche to start the new year and then fall off. I can't do it anymore, I won't do it anymore! I want to spend the rest of my life with my lovely wife, I want it to be 50+ years. I don't want to be a story and a picture on the shelf of someone everyone used to know. I am not quite sure how but I will make it work. Start on the treadmill and portion size and go from there!

See you at the new year,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rest needed already!

I just joined the Eupraxia Gym on Ward Ave. My My My only 30 min work out but it was crazy hard. Using  kettle bells, tall steps and a 40lb ball full of sand. I thought this would be a cake walk lifting a little weight and moving on to something else. Yaaaaaaa not so much. I did the first four stations ok but the fifth for some reason I couldn't catch my breath. I also forgot to bring water so yes I am a novice. I did however get a break today. Didn't think I needed but wow my back and legs are sore. My second day will be tomorrow night. We will see how hard this one is.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year Reflections

Looking back on 2012 was a wild ride. We saw big things on the national and local fronts but looking back it was a good year. I decided that this year will be my best year ever. I have so many goals and so much that I want to accomplish in the course of this year!

List of my Goals for the Year 2013.

1) Help my employer in any way to expand and grow his business.

2) Expand and grow our Scentsy business.

3) reach director in scentsy

4)loose 50+ pounds by july

5) restart Valley Clock repair.

6) Meet Orville and Heidi from Scentsy

7) Remodel the basement.

So far that is what I have going but this list should be and will be changing as the year goes on. Wish me luck my friends.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reset again.

Well once again it is time to press reset, liked the insanity video however it is not built for a guy like me. I can't do the jumping stuff, too hard on the joints. I am seeing that it is for someone about 50 pounds lighter. I will find somthing else.

After talking to a friend of mine who did a exercise/eating right class for eight weeks and had great results I may have found that next step. Eupraxia is a new gym that is opening a few blocks from my house. They teach you how to eat for life and exercise program for 8weeks. I can work out up to 6 times a week in a class. I think this is a great option but unfortunately I need to wait on the class until march since I will not have my Christmas present money until the class has begun. I am looking forward to this and think it will be a great option for me. I will however have to monitor portions and break out the treadmill until then. I just can't put it off anymore.

Here is to a healthier 2013, not to mention I have to look much better for my sisters wedding in the Dominican republic in December!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Insanity? Yep I think so.

Well, when I woke up this morning I tried to put it off. I reset my alarm in hopes that I could convince myself that I did not need to get up. I could easily start tonight and blah blah blah. I tried and failed. I looked at the clock and stared at the ceiling just thinking. I knew I would not change anything until I made the first step, the first step was getting my lazy ass out of bed.

Cassie was going to get up with me but stayed up much too late doing work, so I was on my own. Let me tell you this the program is slightly intimidating especially since even on you tube there isn't a guy my build doing it. I got some water put the dogs away and pushed play. The fit test I did ok, about half of what the fit people did. Feeling good but had tons of jumping which is hard on my joints, knees are sore and feet are aching.

I will endure and continue to press play each day until I fit my jeans that are in my drawer of disappointment upstairs. This is where my pant that are too small go to spend an extended hiatus. Most have not seen the light of day in 2 or more years. I also want my overall health to improve, need to lower the blood pressure so they don't push the meds again. Dodged that bullet last time but she painted a bulls-eye on me and threatened me that if I didn't get it down by next time I saw her she would put me on them. Soooooooooo.

Here we go.

Day one stats, 302.8 lbs 41" waist

Lets make those all come down.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Of best laid plans

Was all ready to do the insanity work out, woke up early and put in the dvd and .............. error........ error...... no audio. Craptastic. my borrowed dvd's did not play in my system. Mr. Shaun T. you have left me no option but to purchase your system. That arrived today so first thing tomorrow morning we will see how you do.  I am guessing I will be quite miserable but who knows. I will let you know as soon as I know.